The summer school is over! Thanks all for your participation!

Welcome to our Summer School on the Security of Software / Hardware Interfaces, which will take place in Rennes (France), July 8-12, 2019. This is a summer school of the French “GDR Sécurité Informatique“, organized as part of the SILM thematic semester funded by the French DGA and managed by Inria for the different partners.

The security of software and hardware components used to be considered as different problems and have been studied by distinct scientific communities. However, it is increasingly important to combine both software and hardware aspects of computer science to deal with new software attacks that can be launched remotely and do not require any physical access to the device. This emphasizes the need to study both the attack and defense aspects of the security of software/hardware interfaces.

The school aims at bringing together Master/PhD students, academics and security experts from industry. The focus of the summer school is on:

  • Analyzing the behavior and the state of hardware components using, e.g. trace mechanisms, fuzzing, reverse-engineering techniques, or side channel analyses;
  • Studying the hardware vulnerabilities and the software attacks that can exploit them: e.g. side-channels, fault injections, or exploitation of unspecified behavior;
  • Detecting and preventing software attacks using dedicated hardware components. Proposing software countermeasures to protect from hardware vulnerabilities.

The program of this five-day school will be constituted of introductory classes and advanced courses, supplemented by practical labs. During spare time participants are invited to enjoy the city of Rennes and attend organized events.

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